Monday, 20 April 2009

Stu's Tuesday Challenge #14 - Run Away!

This week Stu's Challenge was to set the camera onto the 10 second timer, press the shutter release.....and run away!

The challenge for me this week was to find somewhere to do this. It should have been somewhere with at least some interesting terrain but, living in London, there was no way I was running away from my camera for even 10 seconds. It wouldn't have been there when I got back! So it's a bit of a poorly effort from me this week...but I did have two lurchers running with me trying to trip me up....


  1. I would have run the other way -- no way my behind is going to be posted on the internet. ha

  2. These Tuesday challenges are such a great opportunity to hone your skills as a photographer. I enjoy all your "assignments" and should tell you so in comments more often.

  3. Brilliant! As I've said before I love these Tuesday Challenges and seeing what ideas people come up with. Great stuff.

  4. Well, Geeze Louise! Here I thought you hadn't posted in forever, and actually I was the one lost in space.
    I have some serious catching up to do.


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