Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hands up who's been here before then...

There's someone you know vaguely, having had dealings with them from time to time, and one day they make a comment that pulls you up short and you think "Are they flirting with me?". Then they make another comment and a bell goes off in your head, your hormones suddenly wake up from hibernation and tell you, "Do you know, I think they jolly well might be".

Not entirely sure what the heck is going on, your brain is telling you that you may have completely misread the signals and that you should run away very quickly before you make a complete ass of yourself. Your hormones, of course, don't give a shit if you make an ass out of yourself and plough on regardless and you find yourself flirting ever so gently back. Of course, you have played out the scenario in your head and you KNOW that he will reply and ask you out for dinner, I mean, what other response could he make? You've worked out how you are going to respond and so on and so on and so on......

But instead there is deathly silence.

Your brain is saying "Told you so" and your hormones find every excuse under the sun as to why he hasn't replied. Then you get really pissed off because he led you to this point (yes, OK, by the nose) and then disappears. Then you get really angry with yourself for being such an ass and why the heck would anyone want to flirt with you anyway.

We are so bloody predictable aren't we?


  1. Oh my goodness! How many years since I've been in this tangle, but I still remember all the wondering, tactical maneuvering and resulting potpourri of feelings. Makes me glad that the man in my life is Willie the Pit Bull! Just teasing, AOJ. Hope this scenario turns out to your liking.

  2. making me want to run interference -- and kick butts. heh hehe.

  3. Keep us posted - cna't wait to hear what happens next....!


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