Friday, 27 July 2007


Presley has arrived and he's a babe! A very big whippet, standing at almost 23" compared to the maximum for the breed standard of 20". Strong too. Had me off my feet and on my arse when he decided to launch himself at an entire black lab. Not keen on entire male dogs is our Presley.

My BT hub appears to have given up the ghost following the storms last Friday. I have no idea if the storms caused the problem or it's just coincidence. It's telling me it has broadband but can't seem to transfer data. What's concerning me is that when I plugged in my old router, it wouldn't recognise the ethernet cable - and I have no idea what to do if it's a computer problem. Hey ho.

And I can't access Stu's blog. Anyone else have a problem or is it just me?

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