Sunday, 1 July 2007

Change of plans

Well, there's been a slight change in plan.

Lily started a cough last week and we got her checked out by the vet who felt it wasn't kennel cough, no heart murmur and her lungs were clear. He thought that it likely she just had a scratch on her throat that was irritating her. Friday she was absolutely fine so we made all the arrangements and then, with the impeccable timing of a Greyhound Gap hound, she started coughing again on Saturday morning.

As her new housemate isn't in 100% health, it's been agreed with her new family that she will stay here for this week so we can keep an eye on her in case it is a mild case of kennel cough as we don't want to put him at any risk.

Hopefully she will be fighting fit again and off to her new home next weekend.

That's dogs for you!

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