Thursday, 19 February 2009

I am such a bad blogger

There has been a distinct lack of blogging on my part over the last week or so. There have been various reasons for this but mainly work has been really really busy so by the time I get home, walk The Lurchers and The Greyhound, feed them, and do a few chores, all my mushy brain is capable of is collapsing in front of the TV.

On top of that, Lurcher No.2 has been poorly. There are a lot of gastroenteritis-type doggy viruses circulating at the moment and, when that happens, you can bet that he will catch at least one of them. So the beginning of last week he was vomiting and then just as he was starting to get over that, the enteritis bit hit and we experienced projectile diarrhea. At 5.30am last Saturday morning, neither of us made it to the door in time. My poor boy, he never soiled in the house even as a puppy and he was mortified.

Then just as he is getting over that and was eating normally, he suddenly stopped eating again yesterday and was sick again overnight. He has eaten a little breakfast this morning though so I'm keeping fingers crossed that it was just a blip.

I have a load of blogging things, and blogging pals, to catch up on and Jo, I promise I haven't forgotten my interview!


  1. Hope everyone gets better! Sometimes, a little vegetating is good for us, so do what you need!

  2. Poor you and poor lurcher 2, hope things improve for you soon. If we had some better weather it might help. A little sun works wonders, I'm keeping fingers crossed we get some soon.

  3. Oh, healing vibes to Lurcher #2...

    It's awful when they're sick.

  4. Awww poor pup :o( Hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. The trouble with dogs is, most of them can't talk; only in fiction. When they're ill, I always wish they could tell me where it hurts, or how they got hurt.

  6. OOHH for awful!! i sre hope you are all much better!! Funny our dog never ever got sick like that!!


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