Friday, 27 February 2009


That'll be the sound of spring in the air then.

Just a few weeks ago we were knee deep in snow, and today? Spring has most definitely arrived. The reasons I know this are:

The sun is shining and there is some warmth in it's rays.
People are walking around in t-shirts
My daffodils are preparing to burst forth
We've now started our Summer Routine at work
Office workers are strolling the Common in their lunch break
I spend my lunch break doing things instead of spending it hiding indoors in front of the computer
Today I threw the windows wide open to let in the fresh air.
I'm sitting at work with the doors wide open
I've just ordered vegetable seeds for my garden
My thoughts seem to be turning to lust.....having a young, broad-shouldered hunk of a rugby player turning up in ones office on a Friday afternoon can do that to a girl you know.

Oh yes, Spring is most definitely here.


  1. we've got daffs, crocuses and primroses out but the weather is a still grey. No wind, no sign of life. Silent...

  2. It sounds a bit warmer where you are - we have a cold sneaky wind to cope with.

  3. Isn't it nice when things all come back to life???

  4. That does it! I've booked a flight for 8 whippets and one cold Kentuckian.

  5. That all sounds good... especially the broad shouldered hunk bit!

    It's been absolutely beautiful here. Although 'working from home' I just had to do loads of washing so that it could go on the line to dry!



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