Friday, 7 September 2007

The Rugby World Cup. A Girl's Eye View.

I shall leave the technical stuff to the men but, suffice to say, before anyone mocks me, I do love the game and I do almost understand the rules!

However, I am going to pick my alternative man of the match. Tonight's choice is Sebastien Chabal. French unfortunately but you can't have everything. S├ębastien Chabal (born December 8 1977 in Valence, raised in Beauvallon is a French rugby union footballer who plays at number 8 in the back row of the scrum for Sale Sharks and France, and has also played as a lock for France. He is well known for not shaving and his very long hair, leading to French rugby fans nicknaming him "l'Homme des Cavernes" - the Caveman.

He is also famous for a number of eccentric moments in his rugby career. One includes missing a tackle on an opponent and tackling the linesman instead.

I can't find a picture that does justice to the moody and nonchalant way he walked onto the pitch in France's match against Argentina tonight but it fair took my breath away.

Have him stripped and sent to my room!

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