Wednesday, 26 September 2007

How to confuse a flat-coat retriever......

.....have two tennis balls. Poor Henry, he really is the sweetest dog on the planet but he is severely lacking in the brain cell department.

We have guests. One of my colleagues is away and the chap who usually looks after his two dogs is also away. Some months ago I vaguely offered to look after Albert (a Retriever) and Henry (the Flat Coat) if it was ever needed. Seems my offer was taken seriously and here they are.

The Cottage is really quite small but it's surprising that having five dogs here doesn't seem to make the place that crowded. Yet when we lived at The Flat, which was twice the size, even three dogs seemed way too many. Himself wasn't too impressed when I mentioned this to him last night. He could see where I was going with that statement and only grunted in that "I'm not hearing you" sort of way.

Foiled again.

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