Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Up-date on The Greyhound

Thank you all so much for asking after The Greyhound, and my apologies for not up-dating you.

The Bile Acid Stimulation test came back normal. Which is good. Sort of. But it still leaves the question of what is wrong with his liver unanswered.

The Greyhound had been getting much calmer than normal in the weeks leading up to this but I had put that down to the fact that he is starting to grow up and mature. Wrong! My vet had put him on a course of antibiotics and liver strengthening pills and one of them certainly did the trick because he was back to his normal bouncy, idiotic self. Because of this, my vet decided to hold off on the biopsy for a few weeks and redo the bloods once he'd finished his course of tablets.

And that's where we were. Until yesterday. When I got home last night he had weed in the house again and the amount he is drinking is also on the increase. So I need to speak to my vet again today and see where she wants to go from here. Whatever the problem, it's still there and I think the biopsy is going to be inevitable.


  1. did you know that boscoe has become diabetic? we went on vacation for two weeks and while we were gone he stopped eating, started drinking huge amounts of water and peeing all over the house.

    the pet-sitter kept her cool, figured out what she thought was wrong, and brought him in to the clinic. he now is on a prescription diet and we have to give him insulin twice a day, and he seems almost back to normal.

    perhaps the greyhound should have his glucose level checked?

    good luck!

  2. Oh dear, I'm sorry you're back to square one with The Greyhound. Hope there's a quick answer - keeping fingers crossed for you!

  3. Poor Greyhound, I hope things can be sorted quickly for all of you

  4. I am glad he had a little bit of respite. I am sorry he is sick again. It would be so much easier if they could just tell you where they hurt, wouldn't it?

  5. call that "its me or the dog" lady.
    it might be just a mental thing instead of physical???

  6. are the liver-strengthening pills called denosyl? they work pretty well but the stomach has to be totally empty. milkthistle also works well; try that.

    as for the drinking water and weeing in the house, we had that with boscoe, too--turns out he is diabetic. so make sure the vet tests the greyhound's glucose levels.

    good luck!!!!

  7. Laurie, thank you. His glucose levels have been checked and don't seem to be a problem. But I will ask again when I see the vet on Thursday.

  8. Do you have Lyme disease over there? With his presenting symptoms and labs, I would definitely ask for a Lyme titer (here) and also check his thyroid levels.
    hope you get a treatable diagnosis SOON!



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