Monday, 18 May 2009

Hello? Hello? Anybody there?

Hello Blogland!

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here lately but I've had rather a lot on my plate and blogging has had to take a back seat for a while. Plus I had some stuff in my head that needed sorting out. Actually, it still does need sorting out, I just don't care quite so much these days. Not in a "don't care" don't care sort of way, just that I am trying to be a bit more chilled about things.

I have a habit of over-analysis sometimes. I have a pathological need to know why my thoughts and emotions about issues I might have take the direction they do and why I'm thinking what I'm thinking in the first place. It ends up seriously stressing me out.

I also get stressed out about things that I need to get done - and don't. I'm having a few problems with my thyroid medication at the moment which is leaving me with an over-whelming feeling of intertia.

So I am taking a step back from my thoughts and concerns, and I am trying to look at them more objectively. I am trying to be rational about them.

I have found a quiet place in my head that I retreat to when I find myself going into analysis mode. Somewhere that is blocked off from my more irrational feelings. Somewhere where I can see things a little more clearly.

And I do believe it's working. I am feeling much more comfortable in my skin and with my thoughts. I am much more at ease with myself and I find that the less stressed I am about things, the more I seem to get done.

Two birds one stone then. Always a bonus.


  1. I was taught that when you're having thoughts you can't process, try thinking about when you've felt like that before. It's often about a reaction to the past rather than the present.

  2. Hi I haven't been around for a while I'm only just beginning to read all the back posts. Hope the greyhound is OK.

  3. Hey...we all have to take the bloggy break now and again.
    Scott is the same way about being over analytical with his thoughts and actions, for awhile it was my thoughts and actions, too. I could not stand him doing that to my thoughts and actions. He has gotten better at it, but, still has a rough time with it.
    I am glad you are feeling more at ease. It's not a comfortable thing to be stuck in a mental trap.

  4. I forgot to ask... how is The Greyhound?

  5. Not that I don't care about you or anything, but I also have been wondering how your dog is feeling?
    Glad to hear you are feeling less stressed.

  6. Sorry you have been feeling down, I have been much the same lately. Seems to be catching. Im hoping to get back to blogging more as well. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs xxx


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