Saturday, 19 May 2007


One of the widgets I have on my blog is Blog Patrol which gives me some stats about my blog and where people link into it from. It's not really important but I'm nosy and I like to know these things. One of the other things it gives me are the keywords that have led people to my blog from search engines.

Blog Patrol has been off-line for the last few months but has still been quietly beavering away in the background collecting the stats. It came back on line today so I logged in for a catch-up. Two of the three keyword searches might have been expected "common illnesses in lurchers" and "lurchers in need".

The third one threw me a bit.

"Formicophilia photographs"

Having no idea what Formicophilia was, I pootled over to Google. Well, that was an eye-opener. WHY would ANYONE get off on having snails, frogs and ants crawling on, and nibbling at, their genitals?

Just the thought is making my blood run cold.

And now I'm off to search my blog to find out what could possibly have led the search engines to my blog for that one.

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