Saturday, 14 April 2007

An update

I keep forgetting to mention that just over a month ago, I joined Weight Watchers. I am not grossly overweight but overweight enough for me to feel uncomfortable. My problem is finding the motivation to actually give up th things I know I shouldn't be eating so Weight Watchers seemed an ideal solution. I hoped that knowing I would have to weigh-in every week would focus my mind. And so it has proved. In four weeks I have lost 8.5lb and feel amazingly better already, just another 7lb to go and I reach my target weight.

The final push to move all our stuff from the flat to the cottage has begun in earnest. Our landlord has been great and we have no deadline to be out of the flat so we can take our time but it seems silly to continue paying rent unnecessarily and we are aiming to be out by the end of April. So on Tuesday evening, a colleague who doubles as a man with a van in his spare time is coming to help us move the big items and today we have been clearing out 13 years of accumulated stuff. We have three piles: Keep, Jumble Sale and Complete and Utter Rubbish. Luckily our local church hall has a jumble sale on 28th April and they are not going to know what's hit them when we arrive with two car fulls of boxes for them! If we were of a mind, I'm sure we could be a jumble sale all of our own.

I thought the hardest part would be sorting out the some 2000 books we have. I collect books like they are going out of fashion and as we had the space for them, it wasn't a problem. Unfortunately we don't have that space anymore so some of them had to go. But it's proved easier than I thought and I reckon at least half the books have been boxed up for the jumble sale. There are less coming to the cottage than I anticipated so I will have at least some room to go out and buy more. Huzzah!

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