Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Why is this bothering me?

One of the guys here at work got married at the weekend.  None of us were formally invited: they are both in their 60s, it was a small, quiet celebration with their close friends.  Except one of my colleagues was invited, the one who is also my next-door neighbour.  And, apparently, the ex.  With his new girlfriend.

I'm good with that, they were friends, and neither do I have a problem that he has moved on and has a new woman in his life.  Good for him.

What's bothering me is that my neighbour simply cannot keep his mouth shut and my ex is probably now gleefully aware that I, having been the instigator of the break-up, am still single and he isn't, and b) have bought a house and am spending a lot of time there.  It's no big secret, I am very happily single and the break-up was never about anyone else.  Ditto the house, no big secret.

So why is it annoying me that the ex now knows all this?

Actually, you know what?  I think it's annoying me more that it's annoying me.


  1. I have not seen nor heard from my ex since the divorce. I know he had a girlfriend for a bit because she called me and we chatted for a while as she tried to figure a few things out about him. But it's weird when they know stuff about your after-life. I would feel invaded to have him suddenly show up and know about my child or my dogs or my job. Enough time has gone by that it would be truly creepy no matter who or what the source was.

  2. Things that bother me that shouldn't bother me but bother me anyway REALLY BOTHER ME! So yes, I understand that part of your post well.

    I think, hopefully anyway, that you will move past this very soon. It sounds like you are a confident person and annoyances don't turn into major setbacks.

    Take care!

  3. i understand! i may be 16 but honestly if my ex knew i wasn't doing great, and was happy about that! i would go crazy!

    hope everything bods well! <3 Erika

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  4. just feel sorry for his new woman and buy yourself something lovely for the new house.


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