Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Step up, step up

Once again I am called on to step up to the mark.  To be the strong one.  To hold it all together.

For more years than I care to remember I've had to be the strong one, the one that coped and, right now, I would give anything to have someone say "It's OK, I've got your back on this one, I'll deal with it".

But that ain't going to happen.  So big girls knickers are on and here we go again.


  1. We are alike that way... I'm the one who is the glue holding it all together. Every once in a while, it would be nice to just let go and fall apart...

  2. Hoping that your broad shoulders and big knickers are coping OK. Sometimes it would be a relief not to have to be the 'dependable' one... but it sounds as if your strength is needed right now.

    Hope everything is OK.xx

  3. Hello Angela,
    Perhaps, our problem is like everyone else on the inside we are not that strong. But, others see us as such. I guess that is all right too. Take care.

  4. I was the glue. Now I'm dried out and chipping


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