Friday, 5 June 2009

Another up-date on The Greyhound

My vet is still not happy with The Greyhound's blood tests so she still wants to do a biopsy.

There are two options - she can do it herself but it would mean cutting him open, getting to the liver, and taking the biopsy. Alternatively she can refer me to a specialist vet who can do the biopsy with ultrasound and he may not need full anaesthtic - my vet is to discuss it with the other partners and then speak to the specialist to see how they would do it and get an idea of cost.

Either way, expensive times are ahead methinks.


  1. Poor Greyhound. I hope all goes well for him & you.

    My fight prepped puppy who found his way home with a hole in his abdomen has nearly completely healed & is as lively & loving as ever

  2. Fingers crossed for you ad thinking of you.

  3. This sounds so rough and scary. I really hope everything goes okay.


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